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A Pleasant Nightmare

from by Synesthesia

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One second of lucidity
Among the depths
Of space and time
A spark of divine wisdom
In my reptilian brain
Leading my mind to its own
Events I can't undo
Randomness is surrounding my days
Leading my world to its own

All the countries
Every damned trees
The world's cities
And spread
This mad disease

This stupid man suit I'm not
Aware of may it be
Just a pleasant nightmare
Don't know if God just hates us
We’re devoted to roam
Behind your mask you can't moan
Till your death you will live
In a pleasant nightmare
Don't know if I just hate us
You’re devoted to crawl

Madness will be at my side
You lie, you lie, you lie
This lethal prophecy
Flowing in my veins
Cannot spread out
It's my legacy of pain
Again a chance
To live another day
Again a chance
To live another day


Inside I wake up my mind
No one, no one, no one to enslave
You're crawling for a
Single answer
I'm not the one
Who pulls the trigger
It takes what it takes
To dig another man's grave
It takes what it takes
To dig another man's grave


Wake me
From my pleasant nightmare
Need to be awaken

It's just a pleasant nightmare
Wake me up

Behind your mask there is no face
Serial number marked on your skin
You empty shell that roams in space
You'll tie this noose till ends the dream


from Worst Case Scenario, released May 29, 2015


tags: metal France


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Synesthesia France

Synesthesia is a French metal band formed in Metz.The band current line-up comprises 5 musicians: Flo (lead vocals), Chris#T (guitar), Franz (guitar), dGé (bass) and Chris#D (drums).
The band is influenced by Metallica, System of a Down, Trivium, Nirvana, Tool, Dream Theater or even Machine Head, RATM and John5.
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